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SAWO Classic Sauna

Classic design presents the traditional Finnish sauna beauty. Each of the wood piece are symmetrically and neatly arranged to carry the signature of an essential sauna. The atmosphere and outlook of Classic design honor Finnish sauna as it has been for ages. Classic design is simple and beautiful at the same time.

Tylo Evolve Plus GF

Evolve Plus GF gives a much more exclusive feel, with a larger glass section that lets in light and gives you a clear view into the bathroom. Evolve Plus opens up the sauna and wipes out the boundaries between bathroom and sauna. The sauna becomes a pleasant, sociable room within your bathroom.

Sauna King Premium

Sauna King uses close-grained, Scandinavian spruce in its factory-produced saunas. It is a first-class timber, dense and with a surface that can cope with both heat and high humidity. Alternatively, if you prefer, Sauna King also makes saunas in Cedarwood, or in the time-honoured, old-fashioned way with sturdy logs. Benches, duckboard and backrests are manufactured of low density timbers such as American Basswood or Western Red Cedar.

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