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Specialist in Spa Therapy since 1987.

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SPA ‘N BATH CENTRE have been specialising in the field of Spa Therapy since 1987. This includes all the equipment that is necessary to fulfill ones needs when searching for a sense of wellbeing and relaxation before or after a hard day’s work. Additional products which complement the range have also been introduced.


Jacuzzi / Spa / Hot Tub

There are many ways to describe this product, but the end result is always the same, due to HYDROTHERAPY. Hydrotherapy is basically the use of both air and water to heal or soothe muscle tissue, especially when one is unable to exercise. This is done by combining water, which provides buoyancy, with heat at normal body temperature (37°C). Air is then introduced through a number of venturi jets which stimulate the body cells and blood vessels, thereby improving blood circulation and helping to remove toxins. The result is a feeling of relaxation, which can be compared to the feeling after a brisk walk or jog. SPA ‘N BATH CENTRE supply and install both the WHIRLPOOL and SUMMER PLACE range of Spas

Jetted Bath / Spa Bath

Basically the same as above, but more personal within the luxury of one’s own bathroom. Heating and water supply is provided by the existing home plumbing and filtration would not be necessary, as the bath is drained immediately after use. SPA ‘N BATH CENTRE are distributors and agents for SUMMER PLACE jetted baths in KZN.

Steam Bath / Steam Shower

Therapy by means of steam has been popular for 100’s of years, starting with the Romans, then the Turks and finally Scandinavian and European countries which found ways of bringing this luxury into the home and private wellness centres. Heating up a room or shower enclosure through steam or vapour, offers the same benefits as a Sauna, but at a much lower temperature. High humidity at a constant 100% is able to increase blood circulation and flush the body of unwanted toxins, by penetrating deep into the pores and leaving one both refreshed and invigorated, especially after a cold shower, or diving into a plunge pool. The room or enclosure is normally tiled, with floor drainage and a sloping ceiling to allow condensation to escape. SPA ‘N BATH CENTRE are suppliers, installers and agents of the STEAMFLO range of products in KZN.

Sauna Bath

Same as a Steam bath, but much higher in temperature, with little or no humidity. The concept is the similar, by spending time in a dry high temperature, low humidity environment, rather than a wet, low temperature, high humidity environment. To achieve this, the room or cabin must be made of wood, preferably a high quality, low resin timber (eg. Scandinavian Spruce, American Basswood or Cedarwood) that can absorb extreme temperatures of between 75 and 100°C. Relief of dryness is controlled by the sprinkle of water over rocks / stones positioned over the heating elements. This maintains some form of humidity at 20 – 35%. 10 – 15 minutes in a sauna is more than adequate, if the temperature is correct and the invigorating sensation of a cold shower in between sessions is enough to satisfy one’s needs before the start of one’s day. SPA ‘N BATH CENTRE are distributors, installers and agents for SAUNA KING in the KZN area.

Pool and Spa Heating

Although cold water can be enjoyable during the summer climate in South Africa, this is not always the case during the winter months, which is why SPA ‘N BATH CENTRE introduced their own range of heat pumps to control water temperature at a minimum cost (+ – 70% less power usage than a standard heating element).  Based on the same principles as an air conditioner, using ambient air to create heat by using a refrigerant and heat exchanger and converting cool air to hot water. SPA ‘N BATH CENTRE are the sole distributors of AQUAHOT HEAT PUMPS in South Africa.

Timber Decking

Timber decks are extremely popular in South Africa and due to the demand in a long lasting, durable, maintenance free, yet attractive timber deck, SPA ‘N BATH CENTRE have taken on the sold distribution in KZN of such a product, called NEWTECHWOOD.  This is 3rd Generation composite wood, which is completely wrapped in a wood grain plastic capping, offering a 25 year warranty, which in itself should be worth looking at.

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